Welcome to our demonstration site. Family Connex© is designed to assist you in developing a Parent Plan that will be in your child’s best interests and therefore your's as well.

Parenting is probably the most challenging, time-consuming, and rewarding endeavor any of us have ever embarked on, yet very few of us have had formal training before we became parents. You don’t need a doctorate in parenting, however, to be an expert on your child. The Family Connex process will help you to apply what you know about your child’s needs and each parent’s strengths to a customized plan that fits your family. The plan you develop will grow and evolve along with your child.

Through Family Connex you will learn an approach that makes your decision-making easier. The program guides you as you think about each child’s personality, age, and important areas of development. Written with busy parents like you in mind, Family Connex is designed to be individualized. You proceed at the pace that works for you as you move through the four steps of completing the Family Connex program.

How To Use Family Connex

  1. Utilize the resources available on the NFRC website to support and research your parent plan.

  2. Utilize supportive links.
    As you progress through the site, you will find sample needs assessments and parenting plans, a summary of our six-hour parenting seminar, and lists of resources. Take advantage of the extra information and support that is available to you to help you make the best decisions for your family.

  3. Each parent should separately complete a Needs Assessment for each child.
    The Needs Assessment, filled out separately by each parent for each child, is a tool for helping parents understand their children’s needs. The Needs Assessment directs parents to think about how their children are developing, how they are responding to family changes, and how each parent is fostering healthy growth and relationships. The information gathered through the Needs Assessment process guides parents to consider what needs to be included in final Parent Plan.

  4. Parents should collaboratively complete a Parent Plan.
    The Parent Plan uses a series of questions to guide both parents in reaching key decisions about parenting responsibilities. It is a written document that summarizes parents’ agreements about how they will parent each child and how they will communicate with each other about the child. The Parent Plan applies the Child and Family Focused Decision Making Model described in the Parent Plan Manual to the information gathered through the Needs Assessment process. When complete, the Parent Plan is specific and comprehensive. It details each parent’s commitments in key parenting areas and spells out how parents will communicate consistently with each other to support the well-being of their child. Parents may work together on the plan or bring their separate Needs Assessments and Parent Plan drafts to a mediation or professional counseling session.

  5. Congratulate yourself on your commitment to your child’s best interests!

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