Our Mission
The National Family Resiliency Center, Inc. NFRC (formerly Children of Separation and Divorce Center, Inc.) is committed to helping children and adults preserve a sense of family, foster healthy relationships, and constructively adjust to change, especially during times of individual and family transitions.

NFRC has worked with more than 30,000 family members over the last 29 years. Our skilled staff has learned from the families themselves – families very much like yours – what really helps individuals, parents and children. We can help you nurture satisfying family relationships without the endless fighting that drains energy, time, and money.

To accomplish this, NFRC’s professional staff has developed a multidisciplinary offering of programs and resources for families and professionals, including:

  • Individual, family, multiple family and group therapy programs for children and adults
  • Co-Parent Consultation
  • Collaborative Divorce Child Specialists or Coaches
  • FamilyConnex(c) on line parenting plan program
  • Marital, reconciliation, separation and divorce programs
  • Community outreach programs and workshops
  • Volunteer peer counseling
  • Professional development and training programs
  • An expansive library of NFRC-authored books and training manuals

For families with children, each of these efforts plays an important role in positioning the family as an enduring and positive force in the life of every child; ensuring that decisions made on behalf of children reflect a child’s developmental needs and the impact of family transitions at each age level; providing the guidance and support children need in order to grow and thrive. Whether you are a parent or a professional, having a commitment to child-focused decision making, which is the heart and soul of NFRC, is the first integral step of the healing process for individuals, families and children.

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