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    You and your family are in transition. You are in the process of separation, divorce or perhaps you are re-marrying, blending two families. You care deeply about your children and want them to cope with the coming changes in the best possible way…

    Welcome to Family Connex

    The self-paced Family Connex program offers the user three sections of critical information in one convenient package:

    1. Practical tools to help you look at the needs of each of your children in an easy to use format
    2. A Parent Plan program to assist you in designing child-focused parenting plans customized for each child in your family
    3. A comprehensive detailed Parent Plan Manual that addresses many specific challenges of parenting, including:
    • Co-parenting successfully even when parents are in conflict.
    • Managing children’s academic or psychological difficulties.
    • Coping with a co-parent’s mental illness or substance abuse.
    • Understanding child development and personality.
    • Using successful family communication.

    When you enroll, you will choose one of four program versions that best describes your family: Married Family, Never Married Family, LGBT Family or Blended Family. You will receive a confidential user name and password so that all of your responses and notes are confidential and saved on your secure site.

    While using the Family Connex program at your own comfortable pace, you will forge a child-focused, parent-initiated Parent Plan that serves your needs and the needs of your children.

    Family Connex guides you in understanding and responding to the many needs of your children during this difficult period of family transition. Family Connex helps you become the effective co- parent you want to be. The time you spend with your children is critical to helping them grow into healthy, productive human beings. You have the power to create and enhance loving connections with your children and to develop civil, constructive relationships with your child’s other parent.

    Invest in your family’s well being.

    A Special Acknowledgment
    NFRC gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions of The Mead Family Foundation, Novak Birch, Judy Madden, Ph.D, Wendy Baird, Insight 180, Risa Garon, Executive Director, NFRC and Carolyn Wohnsigl, Director of Educational Programs, NFRC in supporting the development of this program.


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